Twitter EDU - David Truss

Twitter EDU

By David Truss

  • Release Date: 2018-01-06
  • Genre: Internet


Your One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter.

“The hardest part of Twitter is that it does not have a friendly entry point. Until you develop a network, it actually takes a bit of work to make it meaningful and rewarding.”

If you follow along and tweet as you learn, this book will make your entry into Twitter much easier, and enjoyable! It has best practice tips, tricks and explanations that will assist you in building a great network much faster than you could do on your own.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the book:
"I started Twitter in November of 2007. I jumped in rather unenthusiastically. Why the lack of enthusiasm? Because at the time I wasn’t updating my status regularly on Facebook and I thought to myself, “Why would I use a tool that only did one part of what Facebook did, when I already don’t use that part of Facebook?” However, I was blogging regularly and several educational bloggers that I admired were blogging over and over again about ‘the power of Twitter’. So, while November of 2007 may make me seem like an early adopter to you, I was dragged in late in comparison to my blogging friends.

What happened next was amazing."

Filled with 'live' links to help you Tweet and Retweet as you read the book, Twitter EDU makes learning to use Twitter an engaging experience!

• Introduction
• The All You Need To Know Twitter Guide
• Why Twitter?
• I’m new, where do I start?
• What tools should I use?
• I’m struggling to understand the value.
• Following, following back and using Lists
• Replies
• Beware of SPAM!
• Direct Messages
• #Hashtags (and Twitter Chats)
• Lurking and ReTweeting
• Other things to know
• Review and Thank You!